Transition to Winter – a few of my favorite things (#farmchic)

As a designer (and lover of beautiful things), I find the changing of seasons aesthetically exhilarating.  Along with the change in foliage and seasonal offerings from the garden, comes the adjustments to décor and shift in fashion that goes along with it all…

Last week La Ferme welcomed the first real frost, and with it went the left over pumpkins and anything else orange or Fall-like.  Out came the chunky knit blankets, lit candles and stacks of firewood- and I couldn’t be happier!  I’m taking ques from nature and bringing the outdoors in- currently, rosemary, pomegranates and persimmons (which go into cookies when they get soft.  Yum.)  And on the greyest of days, my red lipsticks go a long way in brightening up my day.

Stay warm my friends, and indulge in something that makes you happy this winter!