With the holiday season now in full swing and Thanksgiving only just past, I write this post in celebration of friendship, and those unique bonds that touch our lives- if only for a moment.  So often independence is associated with feelings of strength and freedom, while to be “dependent” is seen as a negative quality.  I invite us all to challenge this.  

In a strange way, to be independent we must first be dependent…upon our friends, our family, our tribe…It takes a village, right?  In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’m here to embrace dependence and to highlight the value and beauty of leaning on each other.  If we can do this collectively, I believe the ripple effect has the potential to be BIG.  To touch more lives and hearts, and to achieve greater things.  

A very wise and fiercely independent woman recently coined the term “We are Stronger Together” and I couldn’t agree more.  As we move through this Holiday Season, I am setting the intention to appreciate and take notice of each and every person in my life and the part they play in my harmonious web of relationships, friendships and partners.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

photo credit: Elle magazine